Is it better to exceed the max memory bus speed

Hi there, just wondering if it is better to exceed the max memory bus speeds etc. when upgrading memory? My laptop Gateway P-7811FX uses DDR3 1066 PC3-8500 ram. I found the exact Samsung memory upgrades (2x4GB) for it with just about the same part number and everything, but I'm wondering if there is any advantage in rather getting DDR3 1333 PC3-10600 memory? I know it will run at the max bus speed, but will the faster memory perhaps be a bit snappier and handle the data transfers more easily?
The CAS Latency of the RAM I'm using, and can get, is CL7, whereas the PC3-10600 RAM is CL9 which is a bit slower, so I'm pretty ken on the OEM memory, but please advise. Thanks
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  1. No, the faster memory will not run faster than the motherboard. It will actually slow the faster RAM down to the speed of the motherboard. No hardware component can run any faster than the motherboard onto which it is installed.
  2. Cheers
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