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hi, I just build a new pc and i have no signal to monitor, mb have no vga output(no integrated graphics) pls, help with that issue.tried with 1 Ram stick, dvi to vgi adapter, placing Video card to different pci slot but no results.maybe it's a graphic card problem? can't test it.

cpu i5-2400
Ram- Corsair vengeance 8GB
PSU corsair- hx650
Optdrive- asus24x sata
HDD- WD 750 GB , SATA 6GB/s
MB Asus -P8P67 rev 3.1
Video Card - XFX HD6770 , ddr5, 2dvi,1GB
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  1. You are hooking power from the PSU to the card!
  2. I'm working on the same issue with another computer of mine. I have cleaned out the computer and reseated the card. Card is still receiving power because the card's fan is still spinning. I hooked up a different computer to the monitor as well to make sure it wasn't a monitor issue.

    Unfortunately I can't test the card in a different computer to see if it is the card. But If you are able to do that I would recommend that. If you are still having the same problem then it is most likely the card.

    Right now I'm leaning towards it either being the graphics card or the Motherboard.

    My card in question is an old BFG 8800. A lot of help the BFG lifetime warranty is to me now =). *sarcasm*
  3. damn, i'm noob. it was my first time of building pc. so a thought that 24 pin cable is enough to power all, and didn't plug the cpu power(8pin) it's ok)))
  4. Great it was something simple, enjoy!
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