CPU-MOBO combo - need suggestions

Hi friends ,
I have shifted my gaming rig to my college so building a new one for home on decent budget. Except PSU/GPU/CPU/MOBO I am using other older stuff. However I need suggestions for the CPU-MOBO combo badly (not necessarily combo...just to explain the set).Only one stuff to tell you guys .... due to shortage of money my HD 7850 will be coming a month or maybe later. So till then I WANT MY pc TO HANDLE semi-modern graphics especially COD MW2 and Prototype (uses full DirectX 9.0 c with SM 3.0 in case anyone doesn't play games). I want to stick to a ivy i5 though I know APUs are better as far as integrated graphics is concerned.
But I am a intel fanboy so I can only hope for the best HD 4000 can handle this games. Here's the details of exactly what I WANT -

Budget - 350$-375$ (for the CPU and Mobo)
CPU - a decent ivy i5 with hd4000 and no OC needed
Mobo -just should have PCIe 3.0 16x / USB 3.0 / SATA 3.0 as a must......no sli or crossfirex demand

I hope you have got a idea of what I want. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. o1die said:

    thanks a lot dude.fantastic links.so what do you think about the hd 4k ? will it be able to handle directx 9.0c games at high easily ?
  2. Anyone ? How well the intel hd 4k plays games that extensively use shader model 3.0+ (DirectX 9.0c) ?
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