Not enough header pins for front panel!!

I purchased a rosewill case and a 970A gigabyte Motherboard and the case only has 3 header pins but my motherboard requires like 2 more 2pins and another 4 pin WTF DO I DO! My computer wont even turn on except for a few rare times im afraid im going to hurt my motherboard
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  1. Pictures would help. You won't hurt your motherboard, don't worry.
  2. Check the manual for each!

    Usually, case "header pins" as you called them, I think, are for Power, Reset, Drive Activity LED, and Power LED.

    Motherboards usually have all those, plus pins for a speaker.

    If your case doesn't have all those, it's okay, you just won't use them. Power is the only one you really need.
  3. Ok if not that then what else could it be ive gone over the check list and still nothing!
  4. We're going to need to know exactly what these header pins you're talking about are supposed to be for. And your exact motherbd model #.

    I suspect OP is talkinig about Fans.

    There are 2, 3, or 4 wire fans and come in a 2, 3, or 4 pin connector. Your motherbd will have 3 or 4 pin headers that will accept 3 and 4 pin fans. Whereas the 2 pin connector should be a molex which would attach directly to a molex coming the Power supply
  5. The motherboard is gigabyte 970A-UD3 and what im talking about is the cord that goes from your case to the front panel on the motherboard that hooks up your power and led lights, msg lights, CI, etc
  6. The connectors from the case go into the set of pins at the bottom right hand corner of the board. From what I can see, it has a white shield thing around it, and colors (for some reason) under the pins.
  7. Yea but there isnt enough cords. There are a few gaps left to fill
  8. BSWIFT89 said:
    Yea but there isnt enough cords. There are a few gaps left to fill

    There will be gaps.
  9. BSWIFT89 said:
    Yea but there isnt enough cords. There are a few gaps left to fill

    OK, got ya. Just plug in the wires you have in the places they're supposed to go and you should be good. I have unused pins on my mobo too (don't have a system speaker and my reset button wire is screwed, so I just don't plug it in), and it works just fine.
  10. If that is suppose to be there. why isnt it turning on lol
  11. Can you manually turn on the computer? (on motherboard) if so, it may be your front panel. (all pins are used up right)
  12. Nope nothing will turn on it has shorted and turned on by mistake, not all the pins are used up
  13. Regardless of whether or not the pins are in, the computer should still start up when manually pressing the button. What's your system?
  14. Are you sure that connectors are plugged into the right places? The power switch connector should go into the 3rd and 4th pins on the top row. Polarity doesn't matter for power switches, so it won't matter if its backwards or not.
  15. gigabyte 970A-UD3
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