Thinking of buying a new GPU.

So, yeah most of you know me around here or atleast have seen me, so I was thinking of buying myself a new graphics card for my birthday (on the 5th of next month)

My main reason for doing this is, this thread:

Honestly I think I can get by on my rig if I could get that problem solved. However Im starting to think it might be a card defect, and upgrade would be nice though :)

So, im having major driver problems, I have no idea why but they keep crashing... I honestly would like to try an Nvidia GPU... well, that was until I saw the prices -.-

So... what do you guys think... gpu upgrade or something else?

My budget is: 150-170 somewhere around there, im probably going to get a bit more though :3

Athlon 2 x3 445 Rana (clocked at stock speeds and voltage is near 1.35 if i remember right)
5670 512mb Sapphire
500w Antec 500D green
-random asrock mobo, if you want the model # i can dig it up for you -
and 4g of dusty reused DDR2
HAF 912 case
Spinpoint F3

Edit: My res is 1920x1080, also im normally fine with medium high, but for this price im kind of expecting atleast gta IV on high (not max, just enough to let me turn shadows and view distance on -.-)
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  1. Your processor is fine and your GPU is fine for light gaming.It's your mobo that troubles me.If it still use's DDR2 RAM then it could be slowing the rest of your PC down.

    I suggest spending the money on a new mobo and RAM.Here's what I was thinking...

    MSI 990XA-GD55 $125 + $8 Shipping

    CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB $52 + Free Shipping

    Also I should let you know that GTAIV is full of bugs and it doesn't run properly even on the best of computers.I doubt that a new GPU will make it run any better.It's just a poor console port game.
  2. Hrmmm, I know its oldish but wouldn't a new GPU help more then a new mobo?

    Hang on Ill dig up the model numbers, im pretty sure its a non issue though (isnt DDR2 to DD3 like a 1% upgrade in speed if that?)

    Ah here we go: AsRock A780LM-S
    Here is the product page:

    And yeah i know that GTA IV is a crappily coded game :)
  3. DDR3 also use's less voltage and can support more RAM.The RAM I selected is 1600mhz.Going from 1066mhz to 1600mhz is a lot more than 1%.And it would be even more if your RAM is less than 1066mhz.

    It's not just the RAM though it's the speed of the motherboard.Stronger NB and SB chips will make things go a lot smoothly.Not to mention a higher O.C. if you so choose.

    Trust me on the new video card thing it won't do any good in GTAIV.I went from a 5570 to a 6870 and I saw very little improvement.It's just how the game is.

    What other games do you play besides GTA IV?
  4. Ah, basically anything, uhm, im currently playing: Crysis 1 + 2, Orcs must die, Mass Effect 1 + 2, Bioshock 1 + 2, Planning on prototype 2 and Skyrim (gonna play a NFS game more current then Most Wanted, not sure which though) Ive still got alot of catching up to do :3

    as for online games, WoW, AvA (fps) and LoL
  5. Hmm.In that case you might want to go with a new GPU.I just figured from your other post that GTAIV is all you play.But a mobo upgrade and new RAM should definitly be something you should get next.

    If you can increase your budget about $10 then this is the best bang for you.

    Sapphire 6870 $180=$160 after MIR + Free Shipping
  6. ooh that is a nice price :3 im seriously suspect of amds drivers, ive tried almost everything as you can see in my thread I posted D:

    I would happily go with an nvidia card... but the prices man... they just don't add up, i dont see why anyone would buy 'em at that high of a price :P

    And yeah im going to upgrade my mobo + ram next :D ty
  7. Well if you do get a new card and it still crash's then I suspect it is your mobo.Just return the card and get the stuff I posted earlier.
  8. hmmm, yeah... ok... also i was thinking maybe if i get enough... this card?

    its a 6870 but with WF3... i noticed the next step up would cost me +50-60 dollars :P (6950)

    so whats your opinion on that an OCing it? will my PSU handle heavy overclocking on that card?
  9. The 6870 isn't that great of an don't expect much.Most top out at around 980mhz core.

    Your PSU should handle any fine.

    If you wanted to go with your orignal plan of going with Nvidia you can get a GTX560.Which performs the exact same as the 6870.
  10. ugh thats a terrible limit, hmmm, the 560 looks nice... well I think I can take it from here :) ty for your help...

    im going to wait and see how much money I get and maybe I can solve this crashing problem X_X

    Oh and before I go, will the card fit in my HaF 912 without removing the HDD tray? ive got 3 of em so i need it in there :P
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    Yah it will fit no problem.It's only with extreme cards like over 12" that requires you to take out the cage.
  12. Hehe, ty man <3 I really appreciate it :)... ok I think im gonna go run Furmark for about 3 hrs and see if it crashes D:
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  14. Goodluck.

    Your Welcome.
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