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Nvidia driver removal

I'm currently upgrading from a GT 220 to a GTX 570 (I know, big upgrade) and was about to remove the driver for the GT 220, but noticed there are a bunch of different drivers. I'd just like to know which ones to remove. Thanks!

These are what show up:

NVIDIA 3D Vision Cotroller Driver 285.66
NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver 280.26
NVIDIA Graphics Driver 280.26
NVIDIA HD Audio Driver
NVIDIA PhysX System Software 9.11.0621
NVIDIA Update 1.4.28

Should I just remove them all, and then install the GTX 570 drivers? Or should I only remove select ones. Thanks so much! :)
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    Remove/uninstall NVIDIA Graphics Driver. Then when you install the new drivers, check the box that says "Clean Installation" or something along those lines. You will have the full set of new drivers afterwards.
  2. just uninstall them all...... which should happen automatically. When you reinstall drivers......... you only really need 2...... the graphics driver and the physx driver. Don't install the rest. sometimes the audio driver causes problems for some people.
  3. It is easier than that.

    Since the GT220 and GTX570 use the same nvidia unified driver, there is no need to remove anything. Just install the GTX570 and you should be good to go.
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