Booting issue

Please, please help before I tear my hair out.

Background: I had an Iomega 500gb external drive die. Pulled it apart, to see if I could save photos and files by attaching it to my ASROCK H61m-s mobo.

The Iomega drive had a seagate drive inside it. The PC I attached it to also had a seagate drive in it. For the purpose of this, I will them I-seagate and PC-seagate.

On first try, PC-seagate didn't boot, I had knocked loose sata cable. Reseated cable, rebooted, found both drives, and tried to access it from Windows7. It hung, and I had to reboot. On reboot, got No Device Found error.

Now neither drive can be detected. Can't get POST with either drive attached. Can get POST with just CD drive attached.

Does anyone have any ideas? Before I put the damn thing through a window.
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  1. I'd use SeaTools and get back with us with the results.
  2. Will do, trying to find someone with a desktop that I can hijack for today.
  3. So, after much ringing, texting and Facebooking, I got someone with a desktop.

    With power on, I-Seagate drive is being recognised by BIOS, ran Sea Tools, and Quick Test has recorded it as bad.
    With power on, PC-SeaGate isn't recognised by BIOS, try to boot Windows 7, and it hangs on the Windows 7 screen. Can't run Sea Tools on it.

    Both are still not recognised by my mobo.
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