Never done this before but...

I'm up for a challenge and my uncle knows a lot so...

Budget Range: @ $650

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, CS5 and Movies

Parts Not Required: Everything except the tower

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Intel processor and good quality parts

Overclocking: Clarify what this is?

SLI or Crossfire: Que?

Additional Comments:
Really need the best bang for the buck, I would love lots of help even though I know you get these questions a lot.
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  1. Overclocking is setting the processor to a fastor speed that the factory setting. Example a 2500k 3.3GHz stock overclocked to 4.5GHz.

    What SLI or Crossfire is, is having two to four graphics cards connected to work together and give you more performance but you also have to have a motherboard that supports that.
  2. Thanks, I think I wan't to get a 2500k from what I've been looking at, is there any harm with overclocking?

    I would most likely not need SLI or Crossfire but I'm not sure.
  3. so you need an operating system, keyboard and mouse too
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