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Looking to build my first system and while looking into i5 2500k's (may try overclocking in the future) I ran across a bundle like this I'm looking for a gaming setup (swtor).

I worry about the PSU here, though the video card seems great, so are combos sometimes good deals and am I better off going with something like this or just sticking to something like aznshinobi lists here?

So many choices... :sweat:

I know the combo would still need DVD and Windows.

Thank you for any advice
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  1. Combo's on newegg are a good ideal, but I wouldn't ever get the super combos. I feel they package some low-end items (such as the psu) that doesn't sell on it's own just to get it off the shelves. It's just business, and I would do the same

    Where combos are good however, is when you can find a combo that has a cpu and mobo you want. They have all sorts of combos that come out every day.
  2. never mind, I found another article about this same bundle that kind of confirmed my thoughts...good parts and bad parts, better just to small bundle and pick all good components,,,,thanks for the reads though and thoughts.
  3. anytime
  4. i would avoid that combo
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