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I'm putting together my first build ever piecemeal, and I bought a Z68 motherboard around Christmas. I was planning to wait and get Ivy Bridge so I'd have decent graphics during my wait to buy a graphics card. However, today while reading the 3770K review, I saw this:

"Here’s the thing to remember, though. If you plan on using an Ivy Bridge-based processor in an existing 6-series platform, be sure to update to a 22 nm-ready firmware with Sandy Bridge installed before ditching your old chip. "

Does this mean that there's no way for me to get a computer up and running with my motherboard and only an Ivy Bridge processor? I don't have any other LGA 1155 processors available to me.

This is definitely a noob question, but as I said, this is my first build. I still don't fully understand all the firmware shenanigans.

Purchased 12/29/11.

Planning to get the 3570K.
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  1. The new bios for the gigabyte boards came out a few months back, this pretty much means you can't update the bios or maybe you can by using the motherboard flashing tools. Anyways, you can try booting the board up with a usb that contains the newest bios and use Q-Flash.
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