10GB DDR3 1333 vs 8GB DDR3 1600

What would be a better set up? I currently bought 2 sticks of 8GB DDR3 ram that runs on 1600 but i put it with my sticks running on 1333. Should I keep this set up knowing that the sticks have been slowed down, but gain an additional 2GB of ram, or loose the 2GB of ram to get the 1600 experience? What would make the most difference? Thanks for the help.
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  1. From what u say, u already have 2 sticks 1gb each @ 1333 and want to put two more 8gb each @ 1600.

    My opinion 2 more gb isnt going to improve anything (are u running out of ram?), so loose the old sticks and use only the new ones. In general dont mix different types of sticks.
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