Furmark crashes windows & blue screens

two 6950 crossfire, stock clocks 800 core frequency, 1250 memory frequency.

Whenever Furmark or MSI Kombuster runs, the gpu frequency gets throttled up and down.

PC running on a NZXT 1000W PSU, so power isn't a problem.

sometimes i run it my graphic driver would crash, then the PC goes into a blue screen.

GPU Core however, does not throttle on Battlefield 3.
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  1. Does the same thing happen when you play any of the games or just when you use the Furmark and Kombuster software. Since Furmark is a video card stress tester then either the drivers are faulty or one of the cards is. I would take the cards one at a time and try the software and then switch then around in the slots to try and determine if it is one of the cards or one of the motherboards slots.
  2. Thanks for posting!

    It only happens when i use Furmark & Kombuster "Burn-Ins".

    i could set the core frequency & voltages as high as i want on MSI Afterburner and it would still throttle in those two softwares.

    It works fine on Battlefield 3 however and does not experience throttling, no artifacts, smooth fps on ultra.

    If i get lucky, furmark would run with +3 more FPS when Power Control Setting is +5%, that is also when the the GPU no longer throttles. Sometimes it runs and doesn't crash, other times it crashes.

    Should i just set it to +20%, overclock on MSI Afterburner and not use Furmark as a burn-in program?

    It's crashing at 0% Power Control Settings too.

    Doesn't crash on Battlefield 3 Ultra Settings, 60-63 FPS. Rose Power Setting to +20%, still no crash. No FPS Improvement though.
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