Can't get my PC to recognise GPU or Ethernet cable.

Ok so earlier today I built my first computer and despite a couple of niggles, all went well. I've installed windows 7 and all the components are functioning, however when I put my Ethernet cable in, and nothing happens! I ran the software for my router but that couldn't detect a cable either. Also, when I tried installing a game (Oblivion) it refused to run and it said I was using a generic vga adapter as opposed to my Sapphire 6870 which is properly installed. Why is this happening? Apart from a rough cable management internally my computer is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Also while checking my temps in the BIOS it said that the CPU was Idling at 50 Degrees Celsius, which seems a bit high to me, and I couldn't find a heat temp for my GPU, does this mean it isn't installed?
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