Mw3 horrible fps

Hi guys

I just got MW3 and am having huge FPS drops randomly, making the game unplayable.

Updated all drivers which did a little, but I was getting like 60-100+ fps in Black Ops. The FPS just drops when i start shooting etc.

My system is good, so idk what is going on. Any idea?


amd phenom II x4 965 BE
Biostar MOBO
8gb corsair 1600MHZ RAM
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  1. You might have to reduce some of the settings and see if it plays better with them.
  2. All problems related to MW3 are because of MW3 :lol:

    It's a straight up console port, purely dx9. If it's like Black Ops, then it will run much better on XP than on vista/7.
  3. what about the other games? if others fine then you have a problem with mw3 only...
    update with latest driver?
  4. what's your resolution? if your running a high Res with settings.maxed out your 5850 may be struggling. I know that doesn't make sense since the graphics are so poor you'd think it'd be OK. but you never know
  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the responses.

    Other games run fine at max settings.

    I've tried making the graphics super low but its still terrible!

    My res is1680x1050 and I have not tried to change that because then everything is out of proportion.

    I'm hoping ati will rrlease a driver update. Until then any other ideas?

  6. Damn, so should i get this for pc then...?
  7. Hell no! MW3 is so bad on PC I'm not even kidding. I guess some like it, but it's just terrible on PC. Black Ops and MW1 are 10x better. Read my review on metacritic if you want more detail, it's the one rated "Most helpful" :)
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