I lost a modular 6-pin pci-e, is Y-cable the answer?

Hello All,

Long-time, first time. I saw a couple of threads regarding similar issues but wasn't able to find an answer.

In short, I have a AeroCool 750w semi modular psu. It has two 6+2 pin pci-e cables hardwired as well as two 6+2 pin pci-e modular cables.

Currently I'm running an SLi setup where my gpu's use one 6-pin each and I have been using the hardwired cables. I now want to upgrade to a SLi or CF set-up that uses two 6-pin pci-e's per gpu (GTX 560 ti's or HD 6870's). My psu is plenty for handling those GPU's, but I have lost one of my modular pci-e cables. So basically I have three 6-pin pci-e's and I need four!

Is the solution a Y-cable? If I use a Y-cable that will give me two 6-pin connections from one 6-pin pci-e, is my problem solved? Or do the cable only output a certain amount of wattage per cable (or will the gpu's draw as much as they need from one cable with a y-splitter)?

Hope that all makes sense and that you will be able to help me!

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  1. I realize now that this is better suited for the power supply forum.
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