I5 vs 17 IB

Hi, I've been pondering this for sometime,

the reason why SO many people would quite happily spend an extra 30ish% for an extra 100Mhz and HT on a Gaming PC?

Because on Paper that's all it looks like, most of these people don't do Vid rendering, therefore have no reason to spend the extra $!! :ouch:

this is the SB i5 2500k vs. i7 2600k even the i7 2700k at 40% more

I just don't see the point when that money could be spent on a GPU, which is far more beneficial for gamers :sweat:

If your gunna get an i7 just go for the Extreme with the 2011 socket

so to get to the point, are we going to see the same thing with IB?

if there are other advantages, please tell me what they are!

here is a link showing small differences in performance and large(comparatively) differences in cost of SB Gen

Cheers ;)
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    Yes, it is exactly the same drill. Intel really need to re-evaluated their efforts in SMT, HT is and has been pointless for a long time now. For gaming you are better off saving the $100+ and settling on a i5.
  2. for gaming 2500k is still the best cpu in my list.
  3. Obviously for gaming the HT makes almost no difference in increased performance, but the i7 certainly can be worth the extra $100 for some people. The HT gives a huge benefit for people doing video editing and CPU demanding tasks. There are many things that people do on computers besides gaming, for those people the extra $100 on an i7 can be well justified, even and extra $400 on a 6 core CPU. Everything just depends on what you want to do with your system, and your budget.
  4. Ok, seems like I was right, just that one of my friends bought a 2600k recently and I was like WTF, you don't even do anything with movies except watch them, why do you need HT and he said he doesn't he just wanted an i7 I was like *Facepalm*, you coulda got a Nvidia GTX 580 with that extra $ >.< some people in life you just wanna take oout the back and shoot eh? xD
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  6. sarinaide said:
    Intel really need to re-evaluated their efforts in SMT, HT is and has been pointless for a long time now.

    Complete bunk. HT is a fantastic way extracting an extra 30% of performance out of existing silicon by interleaving instructions from 2 different streams during waits from memory accesses, cache misses, branch predictor miss, etc. It obviously won't benefit anything that doesn't run more than 4 (on an i7) strong threads, but for applications that do, the performance gain is impressive, especially considering how little silicon HT takes. HT (and the L3 cache) is the reason that the difference between the i5-2500K and the i7-2600K (only 100 MHz clock speed) is much greater than the difference between the i7-2600K and the i7-2700K (also just 100 MHz, but no difference in HT support here).
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