My Ref. 5770 only work's on x58 board

i so i bought a Ref. 5770 from ebay from in April and i have been struggling with it ever since that to get it to display something but unfortunately it only work's on my friend's 1366 Asus Sabertooth X58. display's and run fine...currently being used on this 1366 board with 850 corsair psu.

i've used the same monitors which i get it to work with while testing with some of the other boards as well both dvi and hdmi.


i have tried this 5770 mostly on 775 socket boards all with good psu corsair 750w gaming psu and other good psu aswell with the 6pin connected.

most of these boards i've tried doesn't have onboard graphics so there's nothin to change in the bios.

i've reset the motherboard atleast 2 times each and it boots into windows none the less as u will hear but just no display

i've tried lots of different monitors even with the vga to dvi adapter

in each of these board we tired with the 5770, we also tried gtx 460 se, gtx 470, gtx 560 sc & tons of low profile cards and they all work with no issues.

i've tried with Am3, tons of 775 & 1156 and all are daily users with other cards.

has anyone here ever seen this issue before?

this is the card below:

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  1. The 5770 doesn't work on what board(s)?
  2. i've tried tons of 775 boards from asus especially the P5Q-E, gigabyte, asrock and msi, i've tried 1 asrock 1156 board and asrock am3 board and none of these worked
  3. That's about as helpful as this post.

    We need details including board and PSU info. Other then that, interesting.
  4. its the tx750 corsair psu that i've been using mostly which power's the card when connected to the asus sabertooth x58 board so we know that its working find, the when we use this same psu on the other board like the 775 asus p5q-e , we get no signal from the hd5770 however the fan is spinning but when we try the others cards mentioned above...they all work like a charm...what information on the boards are you looking for? i even did bios updates on all of them, the asus p5q-e even supports quad xfire.
  5. Chipset mostly. Should work just fine on the P5Q. Not sure why it wouldn't.
  6. nothin i try will get it to work i almost threw it in da garbage thinking i bought a faulty card but its running as we spec 3 days str8 in the x58 board...
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