Motherboard, CPU or ???,Computer wont boot, keeps restarting, no video

im pretty much at my wit's end, my rig is as follows:
PSU: Coolmax 700w power supply
CPU: Intel 2500k
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G41
GPU: Galaxytech GTX 670
HD: Crucial M4 SSD
RAM: HyperX Kingston 4gb (1 stick)

I've already replaced the Power supply and motherboard, ive swapped RAM sticks with another computer that i know is working, Ive checked and none of the standoffs are touching (i already replaced the case as well), theres no heat sink fluid on the mobo or on the pads of the cpu (ive cleaned both, all of the pins on the motherboard are fine)

when i remove the video card the computer still has the issue which leads me to believe its not the video card, i also removed all of the RAM and i get the beeps indicating there is no RAM, ive pretty much replaced everything except the CPU however theres no way for me to test if it really is the CPU or a short (besides buying a new CPU).

All of the cables are connected (the main 24 pin power cable and the 8 pin CPU cable) The computer turns on for apprx 6 seconds, all of the lights turn on, all of the fans turn on, and then it resets, at which point it will reset indefinitely, ive tried moving the RAM stick to all the slots and still a no go, im at my wits end and at this point am about to just dump the entire computer in the ocean and start using a tablet T_T

does anyone have any ideas what more i can do? ive got nothing left short of a brand new CPU
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  1. Do you have another PC put together with the same 1155 socket? you can test your CPU there if you do.

    does you mobo have an led to disply codes for booting? if so, where does it get too before it reboots?
  2. i have the old motherboard but it was giving me the same problem, unfortunately this mobo has no LEDs to indicate POST status, just a speaker
  3. i should also mention im using a corsair H60 for heatsink, its got the backplate and the four posts, could that possibly cause a short?

    update: i took out the back plate & the posts and it still doesnt work, one thing i noticed though, theres very little fluid on the heatsink itself, as in it looks like the heat sink is not fully contacting the CPU, could that be an issue with the motherboard? or is there something wrong with the cpu?
  4. If the heat sink is not fully in contact with the cpu, it's possible for it to cause issues. more or less, it would be burning up your cpu. try starting your pc with your heatsink sitting on the cpu directly without the holster. becareful doing so though as you don't want it to fall or something while you test.
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