Problems with Radeon 6770

i5 cpu
4gb ram
8800gts (upgrading to radeon hd6770 2GB)
nForce 680i SLI motherboard
750w psu
(most of these are 2nd hand parts from a friend)

Hi, I'm having some issues installing my new Radeon HD6770 graphics card. Basically my computer wont start up at all with the new card in, it powers on, then i get 1 long beep followed by 2 short ones, then nothing. Moving the card into one of the other pcie slots gets me to the bios, however it tells me to move it to the 1st slot, and wont do anything further.

I took the card back to the store and it worked fine in their test rig there, does anybody have any idea what could be wrong?
P.S. I've checked, and double checked, every conceivable connection, and it works fine when i put the old card back in.
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  1. This might a stupid question, but, have you connected the power connector for your card?
  2. Have you removed all your Nvidia display drivers and then installed the latest ATI ones?
  3. I cant even get it to load up the bios, let along boot into windows to install ATI drivers, from what ive read i should be able to get atleast this far even on a windows installed system. Or am I incorrect about this?
  4. On my mobo, 1 long beep and 2 short beeps is because i haven't connected 6pin power connector for my 4850...
  5. Definitely have all the power connected correctly, as i said, if I change nothing except the pcie slot its in, then i can get to the bios, but it tells me to move it to the 1st slot and wont let me do anything
  6. Nobody got any ideas what might be wrong, im not sure if this could have anything to do with it, but the new card uses 2x 6 pin power connectors, while the old one only uses a single one. Is it possible that the psu isn't giving enough power to the second connector? i assumed it was getting enough since it "works" in the 2nd pcie slot
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