Need Help Updating BIOS!

Ok i got all the files from the website. They give little instructions.

These are all the files that come with the update.

One step they give me is to go into the DOS Image file and go to the file that formats my usb. this is what it looks like.

Then it says TO make a Dos Startup Disk. But when i try to do that it tells me to select a dos system file...I dont know what to do frome there......
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  1. From the link you post, look like you have to follow the step. 1) click "create the dos start disk", then default select the " using dos system files locate at" , 2) you may need to select the files where they are. 3) click the start.
  2. You must have MS-DOS installed to make a DOS startup disk. If you don't have DOS installed, you should install it (on your computer or on another computer). If you have got an old machine (386, 486 or something like that) you could take all the files in floppy disks and then when you put in one floppy you copy the files on the HDD; on the same floppy you copy more files; and so on. If you have a CD-ROM drive it would be better, you would not need to copy the files on a hard drive, you would just select it from the CD and you should be ready to go on.

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