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I have a Kodak ESP 3 AIO (All in One) printer that I have connected via USB to my Windows 2003 server. I can print from the server without any problems. I have a Work station running Windows 7 64 bit OS. The Workstation is able to see the printer, but when I try to add the printer it fails with an error (0x000000d). I have tried to install the drivers on the workstation and on the server nothing seems to work. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank You.
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  1. So the Kodak website lists a Win 7 driver for the printer, but it does not state if it's compatable with 64 bit or only 32. You may want to look over the printer manual or contact Kodak support to make sure Win 7 64bit will work.
  2. I will try "net use LPT2: \\servername\printer" tonight. As for the driver, it is 64 & 32 capable. It seems like that is the problem I am having, trying to get my 64 Bit OS to connect to the printer using 32 bit drivers.
  3. I haven't beenable to get that to work, any other ideas?
  4. when you install the drivers to the workstation were u able to see that printer?
  5. Issue may be that the printer does not work with 64 bit OS. Try another OS if you can.
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