Best card for battlefield 3 at 1366x768

Guys i have an Evga 9800gt 512mb 256bit 600mhz GPU at the moment and its old. it managed to run battlefield 3 but at a very low resolution and modern warfare 3 max at 1280x1024

i'm gonna be gettin a new GPU to run the latest dx11 games and i'm gonna be runnin them at 1366x768 res coz thats the highest my 19" monitor can go... and that resolution is good enough for me.

can u guys tell me which graphics card to get... guys i'm playin at a rather low resolution so i want maxed out settings on bf3... i was lookin at the HD 6770, 6790 and GTX550ti...

current specs:
Asus P8H67-V
Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.1ghz
4gb Corsair DDR3 Ram (2x2)
Cooler Master 500W ExtreemPower Plus
Evga 9800GT 512mb 256Bit 600Mhz

dats my system guys
i kno mu psu is low but most forums say a 500w should power the cards i mentioned above.. i sure hope my processor wouldnt bottleneck the gpu i buy. a XFX 6790 is around pkr14000 (pakistan rupee) or $150+ ... expensive? yeah i kno.. these things are pretty expnsive here... Inno3d gtx550ti for 12800 but i dunno if i can trust inno3d. sounds ***. the xfx 6770 is for 12800 too. i just dunno which one to get... i'd sure like to try out radeon though
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  1. At that resolution, even Ati Radeon HD5770 can handle the Battlefield 3 with Maximum settings. Beyond that, your choice depends on your budget..!
  2. then i think hd6770 or gtx550 ti is enough for your need... :)
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