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I bought the ASUS HD 6770 graphics card this weekend. It runs fine in general, but there is one specific problem I am having.

After playing flash video in particular youtube videos or the screen goes black and the computer has to be restarted to work again. The problem is repeatable and is certainly linked to playing the video. However, it only happens once the video has played, rather than at the start of the video.

I have installed the latest drivers which has made no difference

The card works fine in games so it does not seem a performance or heating issue.

Are there any ideas

Thank you
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  1. Try cleaning your system with CCleaner. Do the Clean and Registry both. Defrag. Reboot.
  2. I have the exact same problem with this card.
    I had win 7 32bit since the pc was delivered to me with this problem.
    I have searched every methods they say in other forums about that but yes i havent found anything. On my personal reasearch i have found out that the pc plays the videos with no problems on safe mode, and also when i disable the drivers of the graphics card.
    So i am pretty sure that its a driver problem, but i cant find any older versions on asus site. if anyone finds something please post it here.
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