Locked or unlocked? AMD Phenom II X6 1045T Thuban 2.7GHz

I'm looking to upgrade to an, AMD Phenom II X6 1045T Thuban 2.7GHz CPU. I've read several of the reviews on, Newegg and as usual they make me nervous! (Scary stuff, if you will!) I've heard that this is an unlocked processor?! Then someone else wrote that it's locked! What does that mean?? The other things I see are temperature issues. Most say it runs very cool! Then you get the guys that say how "HOT" it runs! I guess I'm looking for a straight answer. This CPU is the max upgrade for the mobo in this machine. (HP P6620F) In this rig is as follows; Phenom II X4 830, 500 watt PSU, GIGABYTE GT440 (OC version) GPU and 16 gig of DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaw X. No, I'm not interested in the 8 core "Bulldozer". Bottom line, do I have to do all kinds of, off the wall stuff to use it? Or am I good to go right out of the box?

I want to say, "Thank you!" in advance for any and all input I can get on this.
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  1. If you already have a Phenom in there I dont see why you should have trouble with upgrading it up to slightly better Phenom. Although I see no point in this personally but you should be good to go without adding anything else even PSU 500 watts is plenty for single gpu and a cpu.
  2. Quote:
    .What is your current CPU?

    It's the, Phenom II X4 830. Still have no idea about the locked/unlocked thing either.
  3. The 1045T has a locked multiplier (you can drop but not increase it). To OC it you would have to actually lower the multi and increase the FSB. This limits the OC quite a bit you won't be hitting 4GHZ on it.

    If your a gamer or rabid overclocker the 1100T, 1090T, 960T, 965BE, or 980BE would be better choices as all have unlocked multipliers. For gaming the last 3 are best value as you only need a quad. The 960T has the added bonus of maybe unlocking to an 6 core (as in my sig)

    All the above would be an improvement on your current CPU out the box though your current is a Deneb core it has a locked multi so your unlikely to get it much past 3.2GHZ
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    Forgot to add if your gaming the best upgrade you could do is actually a better graphics card that 440 is bottom barrel kit
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