What power supply for gigabyte geforce gtx 460 soc

Hi I have burned out two cheap Storm 600w psu using this card :fou: The card instructions said 500w would be ok.

Any suggestions on what psu would be adequate?

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  1. A decent 500Watt PSU like a Corsair will do the trick ...no more cheap psu's for you!
  2. Ok now I have a little problem. I always support and buy stuff from my local computer shop. I have used him for 15 years. Now I like to stick with this guy for many reasons but also the chap psu that just died he will refund me the £30 to put towards a better psu.

    Now the problem is his supplier does not sell Corsair psu. The best his supplier has is Antec.

    So I was looking at this http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=MjU5Mw==

    What do you think?
  3. Fair enough , you can still buy it from him because Antec make good PSU's , could you tell me the model because the link dont work.
  4. The model is the HCG 750, I figured with the four +12v rails I would use two of them for my vid card and the other two rails for the other stuff.
  5. That's an awesome PSU. Should be plenty of power.
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