Is this a good build for gaming?

Is this a good build for gaming

Case : NZXT PHANTOM WHITE 410 Mid Tower Case

Power Supply : Corsair/OCZ Heavy Duty SLI 850W

LCD : 24" LED BenQ GL2440HM 2MS FULL DSUB/HDMI/Speakers

Motherboard : ASRock Z68 EXTREME 4 GENERATION3 MB, 4x DDR3, SLI/XFire, 7.1CH, GbLAN, SATA, USB3.0

Processor : 2nd Generation Intel i7 - 2600 Core i7 QUAD Core 3.4 GHz, LGA1155

CPU Cooling : Thermaltake ISGC 300 Low Noise CPU Fan & Heatsink

Graphics Card : nVidia Geforce GTX 560ti 1GB DVI / HDMI

Keyboard & Mouse : Logitech MK260 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Hard Disk: 1TB

Ram: 8 gigabytes DDR3 (Major BRand)

Wireless Lan Card: Any

Sound Card : 7.1 High Def Audio
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  2. its a good build, i would wait next month to get ivy bridge and amd 7000 series
  3. Should be fine... not a i7-2600k...? Not going to play w/ OC'ng?
  4. I have basically the same build and I love mine.

    I have
    Intel I7 2600k @ 4.4ghz (will go to 4.8 but requires higher voltage so not worth it IMO
    Asrock Z68 Extreme4 - really like the board plenty of fan & sata connections bios
    is nice
    Gskill 16gb 1600mhz ddr3 cl 9
    Sapphire 6950 2gb flashed to 6970
    Ultra M923 case
    2x crucial c300 64gb ssd's in raid0
    2 x WD Caviar black 1tb
    1 x seagate 1.5tb
    lg blu-ray burner
    logitech G15 keyboard & MX revolution mouse
    Acer 22'' 1080p monitor
    Genius 5.1 surround sound - cheapo but works decent
  5. You would be better off with a 2500K processor which you can overclock rather than the 2600

    A 650 watt psu will run that machine well

    You could build this yourself and save money
  6. If it was me, I'd get the 2500K, ~600W PSU and a HD6970/GTX570 to push that 24 monitor.
  7. Zero_ said:
    If it was me, I'd get the 2500K, ~600W PSU and a HD6970/GTX570 to push that 24 monitor.

    I am probably going to SLI later though
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