Upgrade or New Computer?

I'm a gamer and had my current computer for two and a half years now, but with the arrival of many new games which require a bit more, I found my computer being a bit of a disappointment.

Now, I don't understand a lot hardware-wise, so I was wondering if someone could tell me whether I should upgrade my computer, or buying a new one from scratch will be more cost-effective and will yield better results.

My current rig consists of:
MSI P55-GD65 (MS-7583) motherboard
nVidia GTX 275
i5 750 processor at 2.67GHz
Windows 7 (32-bit)

I'm not all too sure about the rest, but I think my HDD, which is just below half a TB, is at a 5900 RPM.

Let me know what you think, and thank you in advance!
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  1. thats not a terrible setup.

    i would definitely get rid of the old hard drive. at the very least a 7200 or faster disk drive...or perhaps a new ssd. getting an ssd at least for boot would make your system feel more snappy. you could also take this to a new build if you wanted to.

    while not bad at all if you wanted to upgrade the video card you could and use it on a new build in the future.

    normally i wouldnt touch ram or cpu as the sockets might not match a newer board. well.. unless its the same socket as the i7 in which it probably does match the new boards.


    in general a hard call. your machine isnt a the level where you need to replace everything but it is just a step below what i would recommend for gaming today.

    up to you and your budget. a new pc will cost more but yeild a bit better performance, an upgrade would cost much less but but will not yeild as much improvement.
  2. Just upgarde. A 7200 RPM drive will give your computer much better response times and give an overall faster feel to it.

    I would change out the graphics card for something more powerful though. What's your budget for upgrading? What resolution are you at?
  3. The budget isn't set but the least I pay the better, naturally. And currently on 1920x1080.

    Thanks for the help, and more opinions are more than welcome!
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