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I have a big problem I have seemingly tried everything to fix.

Basically I have a X-fi Xtreme Gamer Soundcard in the back of my PC connected to a P6x58d-e motherboard (which has built in onboard sound). Connected to this soundcard is a Sennheiser PC 350 headset (the issue is not with the headset).
I also have a set of Altec Lansing Octane speakers connected into the onboard sound ports on the back of the pc (i.e. where the motherboard sticks through at the back).
In addition I occasionally use the front panel audio ports (also connected to the onboard sound on the motherboard) to connect ear buds when I quickly want to listen to something without putting the PC350 on.

The issue is that the PC350, when both the audio and mic 3.5mm jacks are connected into the Xtreme Gamer, produces a hiss through the headset (which actually gets louder if the mic is muted with the inline mute control on the headset). When the mic jack is removed (but the audio jack still connected) from the Xtreme Gamer the hiss goes away completely.

I have read about Ground Loops, so I tried disconnecting the front panel from the motherboard. Because my graphics is a big gtx580 it is incredibly difficult to get to the connection at the motherboard, so I disconnected the connection from the front panel (i.e. a wire was still going from the frontpanel output on the motherboard, but did not connect to the front panel) This did not solve the problem.

I have also tried disabling everything in the Xtreme Gamer software options (and also disabling everything in the onboard sound options at the same time), except for the mic and audio connection I want, but the problem persists. I had heard some people had fixed this problem by doing this?

As for my audio options. Im using Windows 7 64bit Home Edition. I have to use Bass Boost in windows audio options (there is only one setting for 20db+) with the mic, because it is very quiet (I have heard this is a problem with Windows 7? If so how can it be fixed?)

All audio drivers are updated to their very latest version.

1. How do I solve this problem.
2. What is the little glowing light with a on/off symbol on it on the motherboard next to the front panel audio connection (does this turn off onboard sound?)
3. Is there any way of making the mic louder in Windows 7 without using Bass Boost?
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  1. Use a better microphone, the one you have is poorly shielded, or the input is poorly shielded, and it's picking up EMI/RFI interference.

    I have no idea what that button does.

    Yes, you turn up the volume under "Audio Devices".
  2. What rubbish. The mic is fine, infact its one of the best quality headsets you can buy.
  3. Which is still not setting the bar real high, but I digress.

    The fact that you get any noise is testament to the fact that you are picking up interference from somewhere. That, or it's picking up environmental noise.
  4. Yes, I know this, how do I STOP is picking up interference.
  5. Before I buy one of these.

    Does anybody know if this could be caused by having the soundcard in the slot directly below the graphics card (gtx 580).

    Im thinking of buying an Asus Xonar DG instead, as I think its a problem which all Xtreme Gamers have.
  6. Possible that it's picking it up from the graphics card, but somewhat unlikely, unless the noise rejection of the card happens to be rather poor.
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