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I recently finalized my build a few days ago and I checked NewEgg today. To my dismay, some of the prices went up a decent amount.

i5-2500k: 219.99 --> 224.99
GSkill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 --> 44.99 --> 46.99
Antec 300 Illusion Case --> 57.99 (49.99 /w rebate) --> 67.99 (59.99 /w rebate)
Total Rise: $17

Obviously $17 is not a super-deal breaker, but I am on a tight budget. I can spend the extra $17, but would REALLY prefer not needing to. Now, I looked up the same components on Amazon and they are still the same price as my originally planned build. What do you think as the best choice for buying the components?

Amazon: Cheaper than NewEgg, but haven't seen much review of Electronics bought from Amazon
(Shipping quality? Return/Replacement policy?)

NewEgg: Deal with the new prices because of their supposed quality?
(I hear they are the cheapest, but now obvious not. Rumors of a tedious RMA process?)

Alt: Please suggest other sites.

Thanks for your input, community members. :hello:

Thoughts on replacing the GSkill DDR3 1600 with the Corsair DDR3 1600 (46.99 --> 39.99)? GSkill has better ratings and has the Customer Pick Award, but Corsair has the same stats (or so it seems?).
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  1. i would highly suggest staying with newegg amazon is a shithole
  2. In my opinion Amazon is great. Never had a problem buying anything from Amazon directly or through their resellers. I have NOT however bought much in the way of computer parts from them. I usually stick with newegg even if a part is a few dollars more because of past experience with their great RMA department.
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