Computer reboots with ATX12V1 Plugged In

Hi All,

I got a problem with my setup.

I am running with the following:

Gigabyte HD7970,
ASRock Z77 Pro3,
CoolerMaster Silent Pro M850,
OCZ Agility 3 Series,
Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB

The thing is that i needed to modify my setup and i took the motherboard out and installed it again and then this occurs; When I only plug the ATX24pin cable from my PSU to my motherboard, the computer boots up(Not with a lot of power) but the screen is just black.

When i connect the ATX12V1 2x4pins to the motherboard my computer boots up(With more power then before) but reboots after 10 seconds, i have tried every combination, only with 1x4 pin in the ATX12V1 to the left/right ect. but same result.

You can see a video of my setup here:

I really hope someone can help.

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  1. Do you connect the cpu fan ?

    You at least need connect the ATX24pin cable, ATX12V 4pins/8pins( for you 8pins), and the cpu fan into the mothboard so that the PC can boot.
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