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Bulding my 1st gaming pc

Ok hey guys, i know there has been countless amounts of threads talking bout building their gaming rigs. Problem is most of em are priced around the USD and i'm in Singapore and its hard to make estimates when shops here offer different prices. What i want is not such a high end machine looking for probably an I5 or an AMD system with budget SGD1200. If can cap it at SGD1000 would be even better. I wanna run the games i play with max settings and at least run it smoothly like 60-70fps.

I play quite alot of high end games like GTA, Crysis, SWTOR, RIFT & the occasional WoW. WoW isn't my main concern as it runs fine with my current machine, BTW i'm currently using an Acer Laptop 4743G (i know laptops are bad for gaming) but it performs quite well for a lappie.

My Very Basic Current SetupIunno if my other peripherals will affect the outcome but i'll just put em in
- Acer 4743g running an i5 480M with 8gb of ram and a GT540M with 2gb memory.
- 32inch Samsung LED TV running games at 1080p
- Razer Naga Mouse
- G510 Logitech keyboard

With this setup in a highly populated area in SWTOR i get like 20-30 FPS on lowest setting.

Below are the prices where i'm from.

AMD Prices & Models:
Intel Prices & Models with ram price:
GPU Prices & Models:
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    It looks to me like you need to go with the AMD build.

    Asus 970 AM3+ with an X4 955
    8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333
    AMD 6950 2GB or GTX 560 Ti if you need to cut cost.
    Antec 520W

    That's just an estimate given your prices.
  2. Is there a major difference between the X4 and the FX, i heard the FX isn't worth getting there seems to be alot of bad reviews about it.

    I'm not very in touch with AMD an X4 is = to a quad core or an i5 or ??
  3. A phenom II x4 is roughly equivalent in speed to an i3 processor, a bit slower than an i5. It will get the job done and can be overclocked. The suggested board should be very upgradeable also.

    The new FX processors are not going to be much good for a gaming system unless there's a big discount.
  4. Ah sweet, so in terms of upgrading say to a higher processor like an X6, it is possible with this mobo. Also i heard about the x4 965 Black Edition? Heard its really good for gaming, the one your stating is the black edition?

    Also if the x4 is running like an i3 i don't see the use of me going for the x4 coz my current laptop has an i5 with a gt540m, would it run better then my laptop even?
  5. Mobile processors are in general not as powerful as desktop versions, because they have to run cooler.

    Same for the GPUs.

    Both the x4 955 and 965 are black edition, meaning they can be overclocked. Don't pay too much more for a 965, but if prices are similar the 965 will run a bit faster out of the box.

    The idea here is to get you enough CPU on a good platform, and maximize the GPU budget, as that is where you will see the most gains at this budget level.
  6. Aight, thx Proximon so far searched on youtube and google x4 965 or 955 coupled with the gtx 560 TI seems to be a very compatible and commonly put together pair.

    I'm most likely gonna go with this build. So just in case if i had extra cash, would it be a wiser decision to cash it in on a higher GPU or higher CPU?
  7. That's a good combination, and if you can get more then a 6950 1GB, 6950 2GB, or GTX 570, in that order of price. No need for more CPU at all.
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