Sandybridge vs. Ivybridge overclocked

any thoughts?
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  1. I question the validity of air cooling an i7 2600k at 4.5 at 54*c that's way to low as i see 65 with the best air cooler
  2. couple things could cause the discrepency:

    1) your cpu is volted@1.312 wheras theirs is volted@1.29
    2) ambient temperature
  3. Voltage increases at the same clock never showed more then one or two degrees for me let alone ten. Ambient maybe but that's like 60* f to get those temps.

    Recon you have an i5? is your point that they are too low or what?
  4. Quote:
    Just sharing my temps at what clocks.
    Calm down!

    Your temps are very relevant.

    Recon is just in a very argumentative mood today
  5. any 2500k compared to 3570k charts?

  6. 3570k seems cooler than 3770k, even though it isn't clocked as high

    power comsumption, comparing IB@4.8 vs SB@5.2 - not precise
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