New Build Shorting I Think?

Just finished putting together my new $2000 gaming computer. When I turn it on the lights inside flash and it turns off almost immediately. It seems like it is shorting out to me. Im not sure what the cause of this would be or if I did something wrong, or if its even shorting out.

What steps should I take to fix this problem? Sorry I have no idea what to do. Thanks!

EDIT: I read through the whole installation guide and missed nothing to my knowledge.
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  1. I did a breadboard and set everything up outside the case and everything ran fine. The CPU fan was going and so were the video card ones.

    I feel like I must have installed it wrong in the case. Could it be the case? What should I watch for when Im putting everything in the case again?
  2. Shorts against the back of the board, caused by wrongly placed standoffs.
    Sometimes a warped motherboard tray can cause issues also, or a cable connected wrong.

    A bad or stuck power button in the case.
  3. I think I figured it out. The power cord that I use to plug in all the front fans has a piece at the end labeled "P4" and it fits in a 4 prong slot on the motherboard. When I unplug the P4 the problem goes away. Am I not supposed to plug this part into the motherboard? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  4. You should be able to. Will it run with a different fan connected there?
  5. Yes I plugged in my CPU fan there and it worked fine. I have a feeling that P4 cable wasnt supposed to plugin there because the only way it plugged in felt backwards. The fans its connected too all run fine without it plugged in and they all have a manual speed control.

    My new issue is that when I plugin my system to the monitor I get a "No DVI Signal" message on my monitor. I have tried plugging the DVI into all 5 ports on my system (the one on the motherboard and the 4 from my 2 video cards) and none of them worked. I also tried HDMI and the mini HDMI ports on the video cards with the same luck. (I did change the monitor input to HDMI when I tried the HDMI).

    I plugged my new monitor via HDMI to my laptop that Im on now and the display was fine.

    I have read in other threads about the beeps that I listen for. About 1 second after I turn on the power I hear 1 beep when my system is starting up. From what Ive read this is a good sign that its booting properly I think. Im not sure what to do about getting a display on my monitor.

    I tried using an old monitor that I have that has the smaller and older blue DVI input, but nothing was displayed on that screen either. Not sure if I should make a new thread for this but I think the fan/shorting issue is fixed. Thank you for the help!
  6. You need to remove both cards and connect the monitor to the onboard video. Don't install either card until you have everything else sorted out.
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