HDMI sound problem with new 430gt

I just bought a Zotac 430gt 1g for my new I5 2300 4g 300w windows 7 system. When playing sound through the HDMI cable after about 45 minutes I get static in the audio, the video does not stutter but the audio gets all sorts of static in it. To fix this problem all I have to do is log out and back in or switch users and log back in to the same user or a different one. This never happens with my desktop speakers ever.

I have also run furmark for an hour and have played bf3 and skyrim on high settings for hours and never any overheating issues or sound problems with my desktop speakers.

edit: nvidia drivers are up to date. I think all of my drivers are up to date.

I hesitated asking here but zotac has never heard of this issue and I can't find it anywhere else either. I was hoping someone here had heard of this. Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Could it be the TV? I have a eco 1080p vizio, model va320m.
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