Computer doesnt boot sometimes

Interesting problem I have. First I'll go through some specs.



Power supply

I dont think the graphics card, hdd, or optical drive could have any bearing on the problem. The case is the HAF 912.

The problem comes when I unplug the power cord from the power supply, or from the wall. After I do this, whether i move the computer or not, the system will fail to boot for several tries. After a minute or two of trying, the system seems to boot normally. And as long as I dont unplug the power cable, it boots fine.

Is this a defective power supply? Is this normal for a brand new system?
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  1. No, this is not normal for brand new system. Check if all power connector connect correctly. Check all cable if any cable loose. Do you hear Beep sound during power on?
  2. For peace of mind I would recommend getting a replacement for the PSU.

    However this sounds like its more of a problem with the wall socket or a lose connection somewhere, rather than the PSU unit itself.
  3. Faulty surge protector?
  4. I dont hear a beep sound when I boot. However, the place where I plug the power cord into the power supply doesnt seem snug. I can actually wiggle in easily if I want. All the power connectors to the MoBo seem snug.

    It is plugged into a surge protector though.
  5. You should here beep sound. If the problem not gone then try reset the ram again.
  6. I have booted the computer many times now. Probably two dozen separate times. I have an operating system and several programs installed and they all work fine. If I dont touch the connection between the power cable and the power supply, the thing works flawlessly.

    It is only when I unplug the cord from the psu directly that I get a problem. I'm about to test it while plugged into the wall and not a surge protector. If Im unable to recreate the issue while plugged into the wall, I assume its the surge protector.
  7. mubin said:
    You should here beep sound.

    If he installed a case speaker.
  8. I think it may be user error. It seems like the power supply plugs in really hard. So I wasnt getting it plugged in all the way -- hence it being loose. When I was messing around with it today, I used a bit more force to plug it in, just to make sure it was plugged in tight. And it went in much tighter then before and "clicked." It then booted up on the first attempt.

    I'm leaning towards this being 100% a use error. I appreciate the feedback, and if the problem resurfaces I will bump this thread.

  9. You might also try a new power cord. They are cheap and plentiful. I have gotten some flaky ones over the years myself. Sometime the plastic is not molded just quite right for the slot on the PSU.
  10. jsc said:
    If he installed a case speaker.

    Yeah if he installed. My mistake :( Actually i always do have a case speaker since i used my old pc. So i thought he might have one.

    Glad to know you have no problem with new hardware. :)
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