What takes priority in building a server?

What should i focus on when building a computer to run as a server and to run games on overnight or even for multiple days?
Can i modify the mentioned computer to run better for what i wanna use it for?
Whats the most important part for a build like this? Cooling? The right parts? Specifically designed parts?

Ive got 3 gaming rigs. 2 of my old setups and a new one im working on.
I wanna use one of these to host servers for personal online gaming stuff, nothing fancy at all. Like hosting a small room for nearby friends to play on for tf2, counterstrike or similar games.

I also want to use this computer for farming items overnight in games, and other things like that, downloading music and movies, etc.

Im currently using an old computer i bought already assembled and i put in a new case thanks to the way that company designed my case to circulate hot air in the case so i would take it in for repairs asap lol.
Its got some random mobo, not sure how to check other than taking off the door which i cant do right now, which still doesnt guarantee that i find out what it is. Its running an intel i7 870 @ 2.93ghz, 1 nvidia gtx 460 and 8 gigs ddr3.

I need to re install windows cuz it keeps crashing since i havent reinstalled windows in like a year or more.

- Thanks
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  1. CPU's and RAM is the most important.
  2. Quality hardware, excellent cooling and stable OS running only what it Needs is usually a good start
  3. Efficiency is very important since it will be on 24/7. The rig you're considering seems a bit over-powered for a server.
  4. You can always underclock and undervolt stuff :D
  5. Yeah it was originally a gaming rig. I was shocked by the case that came with it, wasnt sure if it was dell or hp but some company like that. The case literally had one outake fan, count that 1 120mm outake. Everything else was just circulating heat.

    So ram? What are we talking here, lots, high speed, both? Can i have some examples.

    CPU wise will my current cpu be up to snuff?

    As for the GPU im perfectly fine with it, and cooling is pretty damn amazing with the new case, too bad i have the darn thing on the floor.

    Now specifically for server running, ive always heard linux all the way, is this still true? Ive also been told linux is compatible with a lot of games and programs now, is this true as well, and if so how compatible, what games and programs are we talking here?

    Thanks so far for all the input guys keep it coming XD
  6. Sure, Linux all the way if you can handle it/want to learn. I think it may be cumbersome to set up first if all the clients are Windows based.
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