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I got Tomb raider for my birthday today and now i got a DVD-Player.
I place it in my pc. I grounded myself and did all the normal things i normally would do/
Now it doesn't give a post. It boots for 5 seconds, fans turn, dvd-player spinning, hdd spinning.
I dont now what to do anymore.
- I removed the ram. nothing
- I removed the battery for 10 minutes. Nothing.
- I booted without the DVD-Player. Nothing
- Let the pc fully discharge for a whole hour. Nothing
- I took out the GPU and boot it up. Nothing
- I removed the battery for the whole night. Still in progress

A little detail:
After I placed the DVD-player the ClearCmos button on the back kept lighting.

I really dont know what to do. Can someone help me please.
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  1. Please tell me more about your computer make and model... I also want to know about your PSU.
  2. I fixed the problem.
    Discharging the battery overnight worked and i hope it wont occur again. But still thanks for your reply
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