Intel Xeon MP X7350

Please can someone tell me if I can get Intel Xeon MP X7350 - LF80565KH0778M to work in a HP xw6200 or HP xw8200 DELL sc1420 ?

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  1. No, the Intel® Xeon® X7350 is an MP (4 or more CPUs on a board). All 3 of the systems that you listed would have supported Intel Xeon processors with a FSB of 800 (think of Intel NetBurst) and are DP (dual processor) boards.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. the6200 is a 604 socket and will take up to 3.6ghz cpu so should be compatible but theres very little info available on what cpu's are supported.
    looking around there are at least 2 models of motherboard for that hp build...
    so i cant be certain...
  3. It's not going to work, I can tell you that now because of the PC's VRMs, and the fact that the X7350 is designed to work with Quad CPU boards only.

    I trust the Intel Rep to know of what he speaks.
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