Msi 7312 motherboard problem

I have MSI 7312 (k9mmv)motherboard and its give me some irritable problem.
When I start my computer I can see yellow,white and some red line on display.
I restart my pc and got same problem.then I suddenly removed jumper for while and placed same as before and I start my pc,there was no yellow and white line on display.
Whenever I start my pc I am getting same line on display and removing jumper to solve is so irritable what to do please help me.

I have done.
Cmos battery luck.
Updated luck.

Mob.MSI 7312
Processor.Athlon 64 x2 5600+ 2.90ghz
Ram.DDR2 1gb 667fsb
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  1. Please help me,still getting same problem.
  2. Using onboard graphics?
  3. I have tested,got same problem.I think its not a VGA problem or may be.
  4. Which GPU are you using?
  5. Agp nvidia 8400gt.
  6. Which jumper do you remove?
  7. Cmos jumper,located beside of battery.
  8. Points to the board having issues since it only resets the board not the VGA card.
  9. So.any idea,how to solve problem.
  10. Without replacing the board NO.
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