Gaming Rig-1200.00 budget

Going to be building this soon.1200.00 budget-about 40.00 from it with all this. I get free shipping. Wondering about how long this will last before end of life. I play Bf3 and skyrim, plus alot of older games. like to play the newest, wondering if graphics card is a little on the weak side for newest games.

Case: ThermalTake Commander MS-1

CPU: i5-2500k-unlocked

Mobo: MSI-p67A-c43(b3)

RAM: Patroit 8GB pc12800-1600mhz

HDD- 500GB- Western Digital Black-7200rpm-32mb cache-sata-6.0GB/s

PSU: OCZ 700mxp-ModXstream pro-700watt- 80plus certified.

GPU: Asus Factory OC'd GTX 550Ti-pci-e 2.0-1GB ddr5

Monitor: Acer 20inch-1600x900 widescreen LED 5ms
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    That is a great looking build, but I would spend just a little more and get the GTX 560. Your CPU/Memory are going to be great for a long time, and you don't want to have to swap out your card in a year or two.
  2. May want to consider getting a Z68 mobo as well instead of a P67. Here's one close to the cost you picked out
  3. There's no reason to get the 700W ModXStream Pro over the 600W version, because it only has ~50W more available on its 12V rails and it doesn't have any more or longer cables. So you might as well save the money.
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