HDMI audio EDID Spoof from radeon/Speaker Error

First off apologies I posted this in different forum sections to maximize my exposure and also because It's sound related but for my graphics card. My card is AMD but it might apply to other cards as well. So i wasn't sure where to put this.

Alright so I successfully spoofed my EDID from my Sony Bravia to tell my card that it supports 5.1 speakers. The problem is that I now receive an error that the audio device is in use and i cannot use it. I told my Radeon HD 6950 that my TV supports 6 channel LCPM because if i remove the LCPM data from the EDID altogether and just have AC3, it still defaults back to 2 channels. I figured that since consumer devices support the ignoring of EDID info for the capacity of pass through I'd spoof my info so I can use my headset through the digital audio port on my TV like i did with my PS3. Any thoughts on why the device is now unavailable? (I see the speakers listed as 5.1 in the speaker config section)

Also let me get yall caught up here with a brief tutorial (this is not a good tutorial and a more in depth one will be provided when this works). So a lot of people want to use the HDMI cord to put sound through their TV into a given receiver. Problem: the EDID information that the TV supplies only shows two channels. There is plenty of tutorials that specify changing EDID for video purposes but not audio (in the extended block btw). So what ya need is Moninfo (google it) This will allow you to get the current EDID from your HDMI connect (it’s the only one that grabs the extended block i think so moninfo is a must.). An EDID editor (can't for the life of me find the one i want, if need be request it and ill post it) that provides the information for an .ini (created with moninfo) and you also need http://www.lightware.eu/images/sto [...] v3_3_4.zip use this to open the bin file from moninfo and add your audio info. Save the bin open it in the less advance editor then copy the info into the ini and install).

Mind you none of this will make any sense unless you've tried EDID overrides before. I'm just trying to catch those who may be able to help me up to speed then i will create a nice tut for everyone if it works cause at the moment it doesn’t so there’s no point in making a tut.

(google grabbing)
HDMI EDID 5.1 tv TV won’t work 2 channels 6 channels EDID override extended bloc LPCM
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  1. bo didly bump
  2. installed a realtek driver vs the ati one and now i get sound on 2 channels, but can see all six speakers.
  3. As it turns out I'm a retard. Sorry for crappin up the board. PC games put out LCPM 5.1 or 7.1 in some cases. So even though I got six channels going to my tv from my hdmi it will never be more than 2 out the optical. Spdif supports only 2 channels. Dolby digital is a compressed audio format that is sent through 2 channels and decompressed on the other side into the 5.1. A dolby digital live sound card is required to compress the 5.1 LPCM into 2 channels.
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