Desktop Build Intel Core i7-2600k

Let me know what you think.

Intel Core i7 2600k
ASUS Sabertooth P67
MSI GTX 560 Ti - Twin Frozr II (OC,1GB)
Crucial M4 64GB SSD
Samsung 1TB 7200RPM Spinpoint F3
8GB RAM DDR3 (2x4GB Module Kit)(Corsair LP Vengeance, 1600Mhz)
Corsair 650TX Enthusiast Series PSU
Sharkoon T9 ATX Value Case (has cables and stuff)
Thermalright HR-02 Macho (Fan for CPU)
Additional fan for Motherboard (has a place on it): Cooler Master Super Fan 80SU1
DVD-Writer (LG)

Please rate my build, say what do you think it's not good. I am going to buy the stuff mainly from and some from a shop in my country. If you think I can get the same quality for less money, let me know. (I don't fell like changing the MOBO)

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  1. Its a very good build.Good luck.
  2. Nice build! Question though: What do you plan to do with this computer? If it's primarily for gaming or even amateur audio/video editing, the i5-2500k is ~$100 less and will give you the same performance. The i7-2600k only distinguishes itself from the i5 by 100 MHz of clock speed and HyperThreading, which allows for an additional thread to run on each core (So you get a 4 Core/8 Thread processor instead of the i5's 4C/4T)

    The trick is that only very processor-intensive work (CAD Modeling, 3D rendering, high-end audiovisual editing) can actually make use of all 8 threads; things like games only use 4 cores at most, so the i5-2500k will give you the same performance for ~$100 less. You could spend the additional $100 on a GTX 570 instead if you wanted to :)
  3. get the i5 2500k instead, upgrade mobo to z68 and get a ssd for caching
  4. Well, the i7 I want to buy is for video editing/rendering and audio production, but since I want to edit scenes from computer games, I have to get a decent video card too and gtx 560 ti seems right for the money, I really can't afford the i7 and a better gpu at the same time.

    And about the mobo upgrade, what z68 do you think I should get, mdsiu?

    Thanks for your answers so far.
  5. Unless you want SSD caching you are fine with P67. It's the only noticeable difference.
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