My Sound Blaster Audigy Fatal1ty XtremeGamer Pro isnt generating sound

OK, I have a Sound Blaster Audigy Fatal1ty XtremeGamer Pro sound card installed on my PC with the latest drivers from Creative's website, but my sound still isn't working for some reason. I'll post my system specs up here...

Windows XP
Nvidia 6800 GT
Sound Blaster Audigy Fatal1ty XtremeGamer Pro
AMD Athlon 2400 Plus

All help is appreciated!
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  1. Did you select it under Audio Devices?
  2. Re-seat the card?

    Be careful about the connections in the back. I have that exact card and I'm always plugging stuff into the wrong spot.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm connecting the wire into the correct slot. Of course, then again, I have got sound from more than one of those slots before.

    I checked the Device Manager and it acts like nothing is wrong with the card.

    I've had issues like this with the sound card before, but the sound, somehow, would eventually turn on like 3 hours later as if nothing happened. Is it possible that my sound card might not be working because I don't have any sound plugins on my motherboard?(which I don't know the exact identity of, unfortunately) Or, could it be something else?
  4. It might be your board, but not because it has no integrated sound.

    I'm starting to get rusty in XP, but in the device manager you should have the card listed properly in the sound section... not just generic XP audio stuff, which does NOT indicate the presence of a hardware device.

    Also, be really careful about what driver you get. I have selected the wrong driver from the creative site more than once.

    If none of that, look for other things that might interfere. Installed software and such. I recall struggling with this in XP. Haven't had issues in Win 7.
  5. i had this issue with my xfi-xtreme gamer. i had to remove the soundcard completley then uninstall the drivers, runn ccleaners reg cleaner and reboot.
    now put the card back in and install the drivers. 1s done select it as the default audio device.
    hopefully it will work as it did for me. you may have to check to make sure its not muted.
  6. The sound card shows up in the Device Manager, but I did actually download the wrong driver and installed it on accident, which I resolved by deleting the files Windows XP allowed me to delete and then installing the correct one. I really don't think I should have done that, though. I do remember reading something about NVIDIA cards having trouble with Creative's cards, which shouldn't be the problem, but who knows.(I'm better with graphics cards than I am with audio ones)

    HEXit, are you trying to say to physically remove the actual sound card from the PC, uninstall the drivers, run some cleaning utility(could you be a little more clear on this?), put the card back into the PC, then reinstall the drivers? By the way, my Volume Control is all unmuted and everything is at an audible level.
  7. yes m8 i removed it completely... as for cleaning i just used ccleaners reg cleaner. this cleaned out all the reg entries for the card/drivers. i then rebooted let the dma update. turned off the pc and put the card back. powered on let the dma update again then reinstalled the drivers. i didnt use the hardware wizard that pops up when you add new hardware.
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