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Hey Everyone,
I'm new around here but I need help upgrading a PC. I'll try to explain the situation. Long story short, I have an HP Slimline s5503w desktop computer I got for free off someone. It was my "labrat" pc for a while but now I am trying to upgrade it to make a nice work/gaming PC after my laptop recently broke. I asked for help on eggxpert but they are slow over there I need this computer upped for work.

This weekend, I spent 14 hours on this thing, built a custom case, upgraded the power supply and graphics card and it runs awesome. But one thing that's not running so great... the CPU! This thing has an outdated AMD Semprom 140 single core CPU. I've never done it before but I wanted to upgrade the CPU.

I found the following page on HP's website with info/diagrams on the motherboard:

The motherboard uses AM2+ sockets, the hardware is slightly outdated but on the web I found some good deals on CPU's. I don't fully understand everything, so I want to make sure I am getting the right thing. On ebay right now there is a bid for a quad core AM2 processor here:

Would this work in my computer? If not, what about this one:

For either one of those, would upgrading the CPU require me to upgrade the CPU Fan/Heatsink? More so than the CPU this is what confuses me, who do I know what kind of heatsink to get? WOuld any one recommend a heat sink? I've looked into upgrading the whole motherboard and I am open to it but right now I would just like to do a CPU upgrade, the PC runs pretty good now. Any help/tips I would love it I want to bid on that quad core if it will work in mine the price is nice but I'm afraid of the heatsink.
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  1. I cannot say anything about the CPU. My house is largely Intel.

    For heatsink, you need to look for AM2+ compatibility. Best cooler for the money is the Hiper 212+:
  2. To the OP:

    Here is the Processor upgrade information taken right out of the link you provided:

    TDP: 95W
    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:
    NOTE: Only socket AM2+ processors are supported with this motherboard.
    AMD Phenom II Quad-Core
    AMD Phenom II Triple-Core
    AMD Phenom Quad-Core (A) 9xxx series (AM2+)
    AMD Phenom Triple-Core (T) 8xxx series (AM2+)
    AMD Athlon X4
    AMD Athlon X3
    AMD Athlon X2 (B) (AM2+)

    Therefore, the 2 AMD processors you linked will work. But seeing that the AMD Phenom X4 9750 is cheaper (and more powerful), grab this one. It states 95W so it should be supported by your motherboard.
  3. I've only ever bought Intel CPUs but they have all come with a new stock heatsink and fan that is suitable for running the CPU at stock clock settings. Getting an aftermarket cooler may be wise if you know you are likely to have heat problems (e.g. hot climate or poor case airflow) or plan to overclock the CPU which will generate more heat then normal.

    Personally I have always just stuck with the stock coolers.

    EDIT: Sorry didn't follow the links to see that one has no fan and the quad CPU may not come with its stock heat sink and fan :(
    May be worth checking with the quads seller to see if anthing is bundled.
    Personally I would always sell a used CPU in it's original box with the stock heat sink and fan, but then that's just me hoarding boxes and components..
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