Which after-market cooler balancing cost & performance?

Hi there,

I'm building a computer for video editing with Adobe MC5, and maybe some games like MS Flight Simulator, etc.--nothing like a hardcore gamer might play.

What would be the best after-market CPU cooler for me?

I'm using: CPU - Intel Core i7-2600K; MOBO - ASUS LGA 1155 - Z68; GPU - GeForce GTX 570; and Corsair 750W PSU; 16 GB Corsair RAM.

You're going to ask if I plan to overclock. Yes, I want to keep that option open for sometime in the future. But also I'm not looking to spend a whole lot of money right now. Is there a cooler for me that will fit the bill for now and for the future?

Thank you for your time and expertise.

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  1. I have a similar system. Use the Antec H60 Kuhler, water cooler. It is compact. $50 to $60 on sale. Keeps the case very open for air flow. Now you will get many responses saying model 212 is much better. I do not like hanging a huge weight on my motherboard and filling the whole inside of the case with a cooler. That thing hangs there stressing the board day and night and if you ever move it the vibration would add extra stress. I have 2500k and run 2C cooler than room temp on cpu. Not overclocking some times as low as 19C. Seems to have lots of headroom.
  2. MegaMan1 said:
    I have 2500k and run 2C cooler than room temp on cpu. Not overclocking some times as low as 19C.

    Better tell those physicists they're doing it wrong...
  3. Antec Kuhler 620? What a joke, the hyper 212+ is a much better cost/performance choice. If you ever go watercooling, go with an XSPC Rasa kit.
  4. Not complaining about their physics, just there mechanical enginering. Anyway I knew this would get you some response. No Joke.
  5. You can't go below ambient temperature :pfff: Your sentence was,
    I have 2500k and run 2C cooler than room temp on cpu. Not overclocking some times as low as 19C

    This sentence is false. <= paradox
    The cake is a lie.
    A lie is a false statement.
    The cake is false.
    This sentence is cake. <= paradox!

  6. Lies are tasty. But seriously, it's probably just an inaccurate temperature measure.
  7. When I was a kid we used to hang a burlap bag of water on the front of the car for drinking on a trip. Read 1950's. When you stopped for a drink the water was much cooler than ambient ourdoor temp. Maybe 30 deg. F. By ambient I mean room temperature or air temp going in to case. My system is not calibrated so I can not speak to accuracy. It runs much cooler than stock cooler which is all I have tried.
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    Might as well spend a bit extra for an XSPC Rasa kit. Closed Loop Coolers=not worth it, when you can spend <$30 for a cooler that performs on par with the 620.
  9. amuffin: My analysis was flawed. Water bags like swamp coolers lose water which evaporates and take energy out of the system. A closed cooler radiator loses no water and could not cool below ambient. I have a new cpu with thermal sensor and new Asus MB which interprets the thermal sensor output and they can not be correct. I will calibrate it and report back. The one advantage to water cooler is 1155 pins on cpu socket and some of them have electrical connections through mulitlayer MB on very thin traces. Stress to MB from leverage of the cooler can not be good. Hope all this helps someone.
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