Upgrading from ATI to ATI (or AMD now)


please excuse my noobie ways, but I'm just upgrading my graphics card and want to know the exact protocol and if I have to do anything software wise.

I read that you only have to uninstall previous card drivers if you're switching to Nvidia fro ATI or vice versa.

I currently have a HD4650 running on Catalyst Control Centre 11.10 (the card is DX10 only remember)

Do I have to do anything whilst installing my new HD5570 (marginal improvement you may think, but that thing is almost twice as fast as the 4650! Especially the underclocked green edition I've been using).

Here's what I was gonna do, let me know if I go wrong:

Turn Comp Off
Switch the cards physically,
Turn comp back on and hope CCC just picks up that I now have a 5570 and I can download the new video drivers on top.

Or do I have to remove every remnant of the 4650 before doing this?
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  1. Remove the drivers first. After that change the cards and instal the drivers.
  2. 1) uninstall the old drivers. (CCC can be left installed since that is just a software tool, not the driver)
    2) shut down PC and remove old GPU
    3) install new GPU
    4) install new drivers.

    I'm fairly positive that AMD/ATI uses different drivers between the 4xxx and 5xxx series. If you were swapping say a 5570 and a 5770 you might be able to not remove the drivers, but I'd remove them anyways just to make sure everything works properly.
  3. Okay thanks!
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