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Hello! I know this has been asked before but I still can not find an exact answer. My computer's current processor is a Pentium 4 clocked at 2.0ghz with a 533mhz bus. I need to know what the fastest processor with a 533mhz bus would be. I would like at least a 3.0ghz processor (if this is possible).

Thanks in advance,
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    Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.06 GHz is the best one I know of thats able to run in that machine 478 socket (you maybe able to get them pretty cheap now, most people are moving to duo's and core 2's or even icores), if your just needin a little boost than this is fine, but I would highly recommend a new pc or build a new one
  2. Thank you. It's my mother's computer and she does not want to buy a new computer but I wanted to see what the fastest processor would be because I know that the Pentium 4s are cheap lately.
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