Connecting PSU Cables to the ATX12V Power

Hi guys i have a problem connecting Cables to the CPU power socket. My PSU has two 4 pin connectors. But the shapes of those connectors are different. Which one should i connect ?

My -

Motherboard - (page 54)

Motherboard Socket

Which has P2 written on it but the shapes aren't the same as the mobo socket

The other connector which has the same shapes as the mobo socket
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  1. The bottom one is the one you want to plug into the motherboard socket.
  2. Is there a difference between those 2 connectors ? What happens if i connect the other one ?
  3. Not much if they are the same pin out in terms of wire placement (Black/Yellow/Yellow/Black). It's 12V and Ground. Some of the older motherboards have something called an EPS connector, which required an 8 pin connector, whereas new motherboards only require the 4 pin connector.
  4. So if i connect the other cable instead of the one you told, the system should work without any problem no ? Do both cables give the same voltage ?
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    If they have the same pinout yes. Yellow cables are 12V in a PC, Black is Ground.
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