Best Ram Brand V2.0

I was just noting how many different RAM brands there were, and figured I would try another poll. Please feel free to comment on why it's your favorite.
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  1. Sorry guys, I had forgot Crucial, so I restarted the poll, was only a few minutes in anyway.
  2. I'm quite surprised with the early results of this poll.
  3. Very nice poll you have going. I have 16GB of G.Skill RAM on my Asus laptop and it runs like a beauty! *G.Skill it is!*
  4. I would have expected the Corsair fans to get on here and begin debating on why their brand is the best. :P
  5. The early voting results are wrong.
  6. Why would that be? All it is, is a poll showing the favorite RAM of tom's hardware users.
  7. G.Skill continues to grow...
  8. There was some talk a while back about G.skill Ares placing stress on the memory controller and causing CPU failures. For that reason I have favored Corsair lately. However, I have used Team and Wintech occasionally with no issues, as well as Kingston and Mushkin. The only RAM I have had an issue with in the last 6 or 8 years was Crucial Ballistix DDR2.
  9. Thanks for that information, I was considering getting the Ares, but now am rethinking that choice.
  10. What about the Sniper Series?

    BTW it would be nice if this poll was sticky until it ended.
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