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I'm trying to troubleshoot a "screech of death" crashing issue with OpenGL settings requiring a high level of graphics complexity. The situation I have is that I crash somewhat randomly while playing OpenGL games. I have a new system with CPU OCing and stock GPU settings. While playing games with max settings I'm running at near 100% GPU Usage with temps in the 60-80C range.

To investigate the issue I downloaded some benchmarking software (i.e. Prime95, OCCT and Furmark). Prime95 works fine with no errors leading me to believe the issue is not with the CPU. Running the OCCT Power supply test with 1920x1080 fullscreen using all logical cores crashes my system almost immediately. Furmark benchmark 1920x1080 crashes immediately when ran as well. I'm wondering if I'm having power consumption issues, gpu problems or something else.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Thanks alot,

System Specs
Win 7 Ultimate x64
Intel i7-990X 3.46GHZ OC'd @ 3.82
EVGA NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB w/ latest drivers 285.79
Kingston-Hyper-X 4 GB DDR3/ 1600 x3 (12GB)
Asus Sabertooth X58
Xtremegear 700W PSU
1TB SATA III 7200 RPM 3.5" x2
CyberPower 240 Water Cooler Kit (for CPU only)
Case fans x3
Onboard 7.1 Sound

edit: here is a recent minidump of the issue during a game i was playing
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  1. Yikes i've seen/hard that "Screech of death".

    Basically what it came down to with my experience was that the GPU was overheating/and or not getting enough juice.

    Can you try your computer at stock settings, and try those benchies again? Overclocking your CPU can make it draw much more power.

    If running on stock makes your system run fine - I would look into maybe getting a silver/gold certified PSU thats around 750 watts.

    Do you have another spare PSU laying around, or possibly a friend you can borrow one from (preferrably a name brand like Seasonic, or ANTEC with high wattage)

    Curious, what are your GPU temps after running a game or something GPU intensive?
  2. Yeah i'm wondering if there is a power issue. The temp doesn't go above 80C but usually within the 60-75 range while playing newer OpenGL based games at max settings (ex. rage, hard reset).

    Unfortunately I dont have an extra PSU with anything above 650W laying around. Thats what im trying to figure out is whether or not i need to go up to a 750 or 1000W.

    I'll try removing OC and see what happens. Still feel like I shouldn't crash immediately when trying to use a benchmark.
  3. Just wanted to note - removing the OC fixed the issues. I think my assumption about the power peaking out during heavy loads resulting in too much drain on the PSU and system BSOD/Screen was correct.
  4. Ahh good stuff, you might want to look into getting at least an 850W PSU - some name brand - like seasonic if your going to OC. Something with at least a silver or gold certification.
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